My name is Marjaana Mäkelä, I am a Finnish yoga teacher. It has been my dream for years to organise yoga courses on Lesvos, and finally this dream has become reality! My amazing yoga teachers Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten have offered their beautiful yoga hall for my use, which I am of course very honoured and grateful for.

I have been a visitor to the island since 1989. Back then I worked there for four summers, and during the winters I studied Greek in the University of Thessaloniki. I could say I know the island and the Greek mentality rather well. Lesvos is a very big island, and there is plenty to see and explore even after all these years. I love the place, and I love yoga, this can only make a good combination!

Teaching yoga is my main occupation, I teach yoga in several Finnish yoga schools and companies. I have done various teacher training courses, I like variety and different styles of yoga, and I love combining them together. I have graduated from the Yoga Alliance accredited courses at British Academy of Yoga as a Yang & Yin yoga teacher, at London College of Purna Yoga as a Purna yoga teacher, and from the seven year in depth teaching course at Suomen Joogaopisto (the Yoga Academy of Finland), which is accredited by the European Union of Yoga. Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten have also administered their teaching licence to me. You can view my yoga CV here.

As an ex-dancer all kind of movement is close to my heart, be it soft & slow or strongly dynamic. What ever movement brings you more ”home” into your own being of light and in connections with your inner awereness and wisdom of your soul.

To balance the movement it is necessary to stop completely in stillness and silence, to surrender to existence and balance oneself. In those moments I find yin/restorative yoga irreplaceable. Thus the yang & yin combination brings balance. In addition to silent meditation I am also very interested in mantra meditation, chanting, and Sufi whirling meditation.

I look forward to the courses and meeting you with great enthusiasm. And if you have anything to ask, I'm more than happy to help you.

You are heartily welcome!