The village of Molyvos and the surrounding area is dotted with hotels of different quality, guesthouses, and apartments you can share with the whole family. Thus you can also choose the budget for your accommodation. I know all the accommodation providers personally, so I can guarantee that the service is heartfelt and friendly.

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The most important decision regarding the accommodation is whether you wish to stay in the village of Molyvos, or outside the village near Eftalou. The yoga school is located in Eftalou, about a four kilometre distance from Molyvos.

The journey from the village to Eftalou is not long, but as the road is quite hilly you need to make a decision how to travel from the village to the yoga classes. By foot it takes around 45 minutes. A one way taxi journey between the village and the yoga school costs about six euros (again you can share costs if there are several yoga holidaymakers staying in the village).

You can also rent a scooter or a car, I have negotiated a special discount for anyone attending the yoga courses. Cycling is possible too, especially if you have strong thigh muscles. In September (possibly also in October) there is a bus connection between the village and Eftalou.

Further information to aid your decision making:

The picturesque Molyvos is one of the most beautiful villages of the Aegean sea. The narrow cobble stone alleys are full of adventures, and all the shops, restaurants and services are easily found here. The village is built on the slope of the mountain, so some of the alleys are very steep and the centuries old cobble stones may be a little slippery.

If you experience any restrictions with mobility, it is best not to book to stay very high up, although the view to the sea is spectacular. The harbour of Molyvos is very atmospheric and romantic in the evenings, and full of taverns and caf├ęs. There is also always more life in the village than out in the countryside.

In Eftalou you'll find the peace of nature, olive trees, hills and seaside, and no shops. In the immediate vicinity of the yoga school by the sea there is a charming little tavern, which constitutes as the whole selection of shops and restaurants in Eftalou. From all the accommodation options in Eftalou there is about 20 minute walk to the yoga school. Obviously the hotels have their own restaurants, and if you are staying in an appartement you can prepare your own meals and enjoy it on your own patio. The largest hotels in Eftalou have their own bus connections to the village.

In the end, your biggest decision to make is whether you wish to be close to the busier village life, pick up a fresly baked warm feta pastry from the bakery for breakfast and enjoy it on your patio, or whether you would rather have peace and quiet, just popping into the village for a coffee every now and then.