On the yoga holidays there is plenty of time to really enjoy your holiday and explore the island and spend relaxing quality time with your family or friends.

Sunbathing on the beach is without a doubt one of the most important things on a holiday, and the Aegean sea water is crystal clear and clean. The nearest beach to the yoga school is about a ten minute walk away, and the marvellous natural hot springs can be found there, too.

The coastline at Eftalou consists of a series of beautiful coves with pebble beaches. They are lovely for sunbathing, but if you prefer sandy beaches there are several of them on the island, too. The nearest is located in the village of Petra a few kilometres away, and the beach is perfect for families with small children due to the shallow waters.

On the coast of Molyvos there are of course cosy cafés and taverns, and part of the Molyvos coast is a sandy beach, too. There are plenty of water sports and other fun activity options on offer as well.


There are possibilities for all kinds of trips. For example, you can hire a boat with Captain Stratis, who will take you to ”mysterious places” on his colourful boat named Escape. On these trips you have the chance to see dolphins, if you are lucky. This trip is now included to the yoga course!Stratis also offers trips to just as exciting places on land with a jeep.

It is possible to do a trip riding as well, either by a donkey or a horse. The island is full of horses, there is even a breed of horses specific to the island running wild high on the mountains.

It is worth exploring the island by foot, too, following the ancient stone paths. The local guides can lead you to wonderful monasteries, sleepy villages on the mountains, or simply show you the beautiful nature nearby. If you are a botanist, the nature offers an endless source of joy and wonder.

Lesvos is also famous for its birds, and many migratory birds on their way to Finland or other Northern countries stop at the salt pools near the village of Kalloni. Sometimes the pools are completely covered in pink with flamingoes. Near the pools there is an observatory, where it is optimal to observe the birds with a pair of binoculars.


The island is full of history and mythology, like all Greek islands, and you cannot turn a stone without bumping into some ancient ruins. Due to its geographical location Lesvos has always had an especially important part to play between two countries. In the ancient times the Greek empire reached all the way to the Turkish side, too.

The island is rather large and there is plenty to do and see from old aqueducts to the temple of Aphrodite and tiny churches you could imagine finding in the film Mamma Mia located on mountain tops.


The local food is delicious pure Mediterranean food. Usually the owner of the tavern, or his grandfather or a cousin has a garden where most of the (organic) vegetables are grown. Even the cucumbers are unusually tasty having matured in the sunshine! Vegetarians have it easy here, and the fish is always fresh. Of course you can also sample the moussaka, the souvlakia, steaks, and Greek meatballs.

Molyvos is full of excellent restaurants, taverns, and cosy cafés. For night owls there are also bars, among other things an outdoor disco by the sea, as well as a traditional ”buzukia” where Greek live music is played, and it is so popular people from other villages come to dance and have a good time. It is a sight to behold, but usually the real party starts very late, around 2am, and continues until the sunrise.

Shopping is always fun! In Molyvos you will find a lot of colourful little boutiques side by side on the cobble stone streets. Jewellery, clothing, ceramics, honey, olive oil, natural cosmetics, sandals... There are also two well equipped pharmacies in the village, and a doctor is available if needed. I'm fluent in Greek, so I can help you if needed.

The prices are roughly the same as in Finland (Northern Europe). Restaurant bills are cheaper, and groceries in the small ”supermarkets” in the villages considerably lower priced.