Yoga courses

July 2015:

One week courses:


29.7.-5.8. (the full moon in Molivos is a breathtaking sight!)

October 2015:



In October you can choose to stay either one or two weeks or anything in between according to your travel plan.

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Morning yoga classes at 10 am to 1 pm.

The morning classes are strenghtening and dynamic, all levels welcome.

Evening classes every other evening at 6pm to 7.30pm

In the evenings we wind down with gentle yin yoga deep stretching practice, relaxation and meditation, with the sound of goat bells from the surrounding mountains as the soundtrack.

The yoga classes are suitable for anybody, as my motto goes: ”Yoga yields to suit the person, the person does not have to yield to fit any yoga mould”. Thus, I do not plan a ready set course program to follow, but the yoga we do depends wholly on the people, their wishes and skills. There is something for everyone, whether you are an experienced yogi or just taking your first steps on the path of yoga.

The yoga hall ”Eftalou Yoga Hall” is located in the Eftalou olive valley surrounded by seven mountains, and it is said to have a special energy to it. Many ”seers” say there is an open energy portal there and the energy of the said star is especially potent.

The magical setting gives a whole different depth and concentration to the yoga practice.The yoga hall is incredibly beautiful and spacious. On one wall there is a large door that can be wound up, and the scenery that opens up behind the door gives the impression of the olive trees jumping right in to the hall. There is a huge roof terrace we also use to do yoga outdoors while admiring the scenery of the sea or mountains spreading over the tops of the olive trees.

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Although the hall is well equipped, it is always nicer to do yoga on your own yoga mat. However, if it is not possible for you to bring your own mat, there are yoga mats available to borrow.

There is no minimum for the number of attendees. As I live on location the courses will be held regardless of the number of attendees, so you can book your flights without any worries of cancellations in good time!

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